Ahead ERP Consulting Inc. and Novacura Announce Strategic Partnership Streamlining Business Process Improvement and Mobility for IFS Applications

October 8, 2018

Cincinnati, Ohio – This new partnership will help both companies offer better services, availability and capacity to users of IFS Applications in North America.

Novacura, the creators of Novacura Flow, are pleased to announce a new partnership with Ahead ERP Consulting, Inc. Through this partnership, Ahead ERP will be able to offer their customers access to Novacura Flow in addition to IFS Applications. This will help both companies better address the needs of IFS Applications users with core industrial process needs such as logistics, field service, maintenance, manufacturing and project delivery.

“We’re very excited about this partnership with Ahead ERP Consulting, Inc.,” said Johan Melander, CEO of Novacura. “Now, when Ahead ERP are implementing IFS Applications for a customer, they have a powerful tool at their disposal: something that will help simplify business processes, cut down on training time and customize IFS Applications to fit the customer’s needs. We hope this will be a strong partnership with increased capacity, knowledge, and resources for IFS Applications projects.”

Named by IFS Applications as the 2018 Innovative Partner of the Year for the Americas, Ahead ERP Consulting Inc. is known for providing high quality and highly efficient consulting services to businesses implementing or using IFS Applications.

The Ahead ERP Consulting Inc. team will also be able to leverage other key features of Novacura Flow, such as:

• Easy integration between business systems

• Dashboard analytics and reporting

• Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

• One platform for all business apps

• Business process software not restricted by ERP systems

Novacura were named IFS Channel Partner of the Year in 2017. The company prides itself on giving businesses the freedom to work without boundaries. With Novacura Flow you define the business process first, then connect the process to the underlying systems. This frees businesses from the constraints of their ERP systems.

”We look forward to even greater success as companies look to leverage IFS and Novacura for business process improvements,” said Steve Guenther, Owner of Ahead ERP Consulting Inc. “Ahead ERP has worked with several companies who are using the Novacura product. The product’s flexibility, configurability and ease-of-use proved invaluable in those ERP implementation projects”.

About Novacura

Novacura is a human-centric IT-company using services and software to streamline and simplify our customers’ business-critical processes and ERP platforms. Novacura is privately held and has offices in nine countries. Our software solutions are sold through partner companies in additional markets. Novacura has 110 experienced employees and is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.